my long lost friend. Wim Geldenhuys

I forgot your smile
I lost your face.
you left me here
without your grace.
I saw you there
the other day
I couldnt talk to you
because my protector hates your ways.
I dnt hate you
I wish you knew
She only disaprove
because you once said that she is uncool
I wish that we could be
friend like in the end...?
I wish I could tell you this
without this fighting in my head.
mabe you could tell her
mabe just lie.
that you never hated her
That you loved her smile
I never asked for this
that you can know
I really want to be free of this
Its making me cold
never close
never far
I say I and
you left a scar
Bye wim ... Im dying this away. bye wim... you use to be ok. bye wim , it better for us all. bye wim. i loved you but I couldnt take this cold. I