my a paragragh :/

I used to have a normal life. I had friends who cared a great family...and i was happy. But then it all went downhill. My father was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and the doctors told him he only had about 5 years to live. You think he would try to take advantage of those years...wrong. He became very depressed, which is understandable.....but he also began to drink. Then I didn’t think about it as being any harm...but as the years went on, he got very mean...and when he was drunk....he was even meaner. He had overcome his cancer by then...but the news didn’t help. He still drank and his moods seemed to be getting worse. He would call me names, make fun of me, and even push me around a little bit...which really started scaring me. He wasn’t the same person that he was 5 years ago...he was completely different. That’s when my mom decided it was time to get out. We had to move before someone got seriously hurt. But even after we moved, i still had to go see him. Some days I dreaded it and some days I was excited because he actually wasn’t drinking and even then he still was kind of mean. He makes a lot of stupid decisions as well. Just recently he had got arrested for some of his stupid decisions and he was sentenced to a year in prison. Living with my mom isn’t all fun either. She is never in a good mood and she is always either yelling at me because I didn’t do something right or she is stressing about everything else which is understandable but it puts a lot of stress on me too. It seems like she is always at work and that leaves me to take care of my little brother who is ADHD and I’m not ready for that responsibility. I mean I’m only 15. On top of this I have been having some problems with my “friends”. Turns out that they weren’t the people I thought they were. Toward the end of the year, they told me that they didn’t want to be seen with me anymore and that they were only friends with me because they felt sorry for me. I don’t know how you could be friends with someone for 2 years because you felt sorry for them. They said they didn’t want to be seen with me because of my background and my father being in jail which is not even my fault. So now I feel like I have no one left. I have other friends that I used to be close to but it’s not the same. I feel like I’m alone and that it’s me against the world. It’s like one bad thing after another keeps happening. I’m just confused and I don’t know what to do anymore