My letter to Sarah's organ recipients.

This was the letter that I came up with. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read it. Any feedback that anyone has is most greatly appreciated. The details in the letter have to be kept very vague.
Dear Recipient of Sarah's Heart,
I write this letter with great joy and pride, knowing that my daughter was able to share a part of herself and help someone who needed her, even though the two of you had never met.
Sarah was my only child. She grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Minnesota when she went to university. She was 29 years old when she died, about three weeks before her 30th birthday. She enjoyed baseball, ice hockey, soccer, cooking, reading, music and camping. She was extremely competitive and always strived to win, even something as simple as a board game. Sarah was by no means a saint. But she was an intense vibrant young woman who left us far too soon. She loved nothing better than a “spirited discussion” that could last into the early hours of the morning.
Sarah was unmarried but shared her life with Ryan, her best friend and her life's love. They had no children except for their two cats, a hamster, a turtle and numerous fish, which were usually eaten by the turtle. Even though Sarah had no brothers or sisters, she had a huge circle of friends that became her extended family and now mine as well.
Sarah worked as an activist and had always let it be known that she was willing to be a candidate for organ donation. She would be so very pleased to know that she was able to assist you with your life. I hope that at some later date, you might want to respond and tell me a bit about yourself.
I am grateful to you for taking the time to read this letter and letting me tell you a little bit about my Sarah. Thank you for taking a part of her in to become a part of you and your life. By receiving a part of her, more than her memory lives on.
Sincerely yours,
Lori (Sarah's mom)