MY Journey Through Prison

The struggles don't seem to end.  We struggled for the money for an attorney, we struggled with the knowledge of our child's crime, we struggle daily with her children, we struggle financially, we struggled to move her so she could see her children.  Thenk God, we do not struggle with each other.

Now we struggle with the DOC because her children have been denied visitation.  Her crime did not involve them in any way but the DOC is using their "discretion" in denying their visititation.  It has CHANGED this 6 wand 9 year old.  They started acting out, wetting the bed, acting out in school.  That is my fault too.  We were assured before she signed the plea deal, she would see her children.  We moved her for that, we set the kids expectations and now they have denied us.  I am so fucking tired.