my jouney on oxygen

well it has been almost a week now on the O2...Ifeel so much better with it but it is a hassle. i dont know how i was coping before this, even  now wheni take it off to dress or something i get so out of breath that i am not sure i was even aware of anything before.
i received a phone call this afternoon from the transplant assessement team and i see them on tuesday. Hubby had to go and pick up extra tanks and a small concentrator to get us there overnight and then home the next day.
i had to go out and find a backpack to carry all this stuff plus all my purse stuff. I found a nice one for a laptop that is all padded and has enough compartments for everything.
i am slowly learning how to 'baby proof' the house so there is nothing for me to get tangled on.....remember that scene in 'my big fat greek wedding' where she has the headset on and went to get brochures and drops herself backward......almost done
managed to get the decorations off the tree today, hubby will do the lights and we can box it all up until next year!
so heres the schedule for this month
jan 6th - pick up copy of CT scan at hospital
jan 10th 11th - the transplant assessment
Jan 18th - the first infusion
feb 1st - the second infusion
feb 3rd - Dr Xue for a consult on the now resolved stomach issue
hopefully i will be able to get a few fun things in too! i did get out to the film group the other night to see "Get Low" with Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek and Bill was a pretty good film. Next month not so sure but I will give it a chance. Im excited because they are bringing "The kings Speech" in soon. Ive been wanting to see that one. And this month at cake and classics is "the african queen" a few things to look forward too in all the madness
And i have to apply for a handicap sticker.....that makes me feel worse than anything old and decrepit at 45.
guess thats it for now!



Good luck......................................please keep us all posted.

I am glad the O2 is making you feel better and that your stomach issues are resolved. Hope the new med does the trick and you don\'t have to have a transplant. I have to say that you are handling all of this very well as a lot of people in your situation will feel sorry for themselves the whole time. You just tackle each new day and that says a lot about your strength.

Funny how we don\'t notice how oxygen depleted we are until we get a hit of that O2. Glad you are getting some relief.

Alrighty then, let\'s talk handicap stickers... Go for it. You need it , that settles it . I have one and I get some strange looks when I don\'t have to carry my cane ( I can make do with a department store buggy most of the time). Just look at it this way... you can shop more with one because you will have more energy.
And retail therapy is important!! :-) I was 47 when I became decrepit! It took me quite a while to get used to the idea but hardly no time at all to get used to the convenience. On Good days, I take my placard down and park in a regular spot so someone that might need the spot more than I do can have it.

Backpack! I bet it has \"Sass\" I can\'t see you toting anything that isn\'t a statement to itself.

Schedule.... Bless your heart, it\'s gonna be a busy month of doctor visits and evaluations and I too hope that the new med works and you don\'t have to have the transplant. Whichever way it goes.. you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

OOoooooo, The African Queen... my all time favorite old movie ( that and To Kill A Mockingbird). Glad to see that you have some fun planned in there. I am sure that you will find some fun and I am pretty sure if you don\'t find some, you will make your own.

Peace, Love and Hugs

You will be in my daily prayers.

It seems you and your O2 are becoming friends. Good luck with the meds, I hope they fix you right up and you won\'t have to worry about no freakin transplant. The front row parking is awesome for the winter, no schlepping through the snow and frozen parking lots.
Take really good care. I am so looking forward to The King\'s Speech as well. Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth, true story, should be an excellent movie.

I was able to justify getting the handicap placard because I haul other crips around with me. I do choose not to use it much. But always if Mandy or David are in the car. :-)

PS I missed my birthday wish from you. But, Dad sent me money and I bought a Kindle. Can\'t wait for it to arrive.