My husband is awesome!!

I have been moody and this week I have also been sick. Fun times, really! Our efforts to get pregnant have been sort of put on hold because of the whole illness issue, but I still think about it a lot! I've been trying to put a lot of focus into some craft projects lately, in attempt to take my mind off TTC. I started thinking about maybe doing enough crafts to be able to set up a little booth at one of the local events and sell them. A few friends and my husband have been encouraging me to do this because I tend to do good work and have a large variety of things I like to work on. Well, last night I decided I would try to work on a beaded crochet bracelet using crochet thread and seed beads. Trying to string beads was quite the adventure when my hands started shaking in between having to blow my nose and coughing! When I finally got all the beads strung, I went to put away the excess and dropped the bag of beads! Half the bag ended up on the floor, and let me tell you, there are a LOT of beads in half a bag!! Bless my husband for spending a good 20 minutes or so helping me pick up beads from one end of the room to the other! If that wasn't enough, he was making me smile with his comments, such as, "The next time JJ says he's bored, maybe we should have him look for stray beads? You could always drop another bag for him!" Somehow my husband turned the situation around and kept me from crying. I don't care what anyone else says, my husband is awesome!!