my hopes for the future

hi i haven't wrote anything in my journal  lately i decided my journal is be kind to myself  and take a minute each day look in the mirror and know that i;m a beautiful person even if hepititis c is in my blood but it cannot or will not take my soul i beleave in the future and know that dreams and wishes do come true .i will not give up hope each day i need a hug it always makes me smile and keeps my highest hopes alive .i went through 32 weeks of treatment which was very harsh .i stayed very sick the whole time on treatment and did not respond . i have recently went to new liver doctor i was told there isn;t any treatment i would be able to take my immunities are not strong enough. i even asked about the new treatment coming out next year for non responders but the doctor said i wouldn;t be able to take that either it is tooken along with interferon. they said my liver isn;t damaged enough yet for a transplant which was good news but iwas told even if i got a new liver the hepititis c would just start damaging it also because i still have the hepitis c virus and someday in the future they see a cure for hepititis c but not anytime soon i really don;t know how to take this news. this hepititis c has made me the root of who i am and must be i should help encourage others to find strength to endure the battle with this disease and courage to follow dreams and if i can;t  make them feel betteri can offer kindness we are all united +in this battle together we cannot hold back life is to short. though it takes years for a cure we should all pray for that day it;s all just a test of time in this trail of life we should put all our trust in god he is our true friend for life.  



Oh my love, your name describes you so perfectly.

Yes indeed, God as a path already drawn out of our lives here on earth, we just have to find the reason on why things like this happens to us.

When I was first diagnosed, I went through all the emotions within minutes, O never blamed God like so many do, I blamed my hubby, since he had used IV drugs, not I, but that was shortly outlived.

Then I started helping people, after doing treatment, what to this day was the hardest journey of my life, 48 long weeks of tx.
God helped me kill this tenacious virus.

I knew God worked in Mysterious Ways, and never means to hurt his people, but he does put some obsticles in our lives, in order to help us find our purpose here on earth, what can we do to turn a negative situation to a positive one.
Mine was getting this virus, then learning as much as I could by observing members in forums such as this one, and help those newly diagnosed with this virus.
I found my purpose in life, something I love to do, and at the end of the day my friend, when I lay myself to sleep, I am proud of having helped many people endure their journey on treatment, or gave advice to someone who was scared terribly not knowing what hep c was all about, and I feel good.
I will be remembered, but more importantly, it helps me realize that I am doing some good in life, besides being a good mother, and a good wife, daughter, sister, ect.......
So my dear, dear friend, now you have found your purpose.
Yes it has been quite a while since you have come here, I know we exchanged emails, but I am glad to see that you have gotten the answers for your own situation, and that you found and realized what the good Lord had set up for you, in the long run.

Welcome back, I am happy to greet you with open arms my lovely friend.
Love & Respect,
one day at the time.

thank you mckenzie this was so sweet and inspiring and yes you have been there for support heaven must be missing and angel cause you are a true angel and yes lots of people will remember you your words of encouragement and support you have many people that love you your words impact our lives thank you and god bless you my special friend

Hi engeleyes1
Have you thought about alternative therapy? The liver is one of the organs, which able to regenerate. Those chemicals would be able to help anyway. Get well.

im 51 yrs old and my nurse claims that hcv will still not likely shorten my lifespan. so like yourself, ive really learned to enjoy lifes fine moments while were here. there are many people who may let life pass them by without this valuable realization. good luck to you. :)>