My Homework

 Go back to your Unit 1 Live Chat Project  Research what technologies and tools you would need to make the website a possibility  Write descriptions for the different tools that you would need and why you would need them.          Through research I have found several tools to help build my web site such as templates, counters, guestbooks, and count downers. There are additional gadgets I am also interested in putting on my website such as games, forums or message boards.          I joined Yahoo and was given free web space to build a website. Yahoo allows you to use PageBuilder which is a program that helps you build your website and it has more than three hundred templates for you to choose from. The Yahoo website has several templates of baby’s, children’s and pet’s I really like. The education, family tree, hobbies and support groups would also work well on my website.          For gadgets I searched and found links to websites such as bravenet, tag board, and WWWboard. From those sites I found guestbooks which are free to use that would allow visitors to my website to leave notes or sign their names to show they had checked out my WebPages. The count downer I liked would allow visitors to see such things as the weather in my local town and the number of days until the next holiday. Forums or message boards would be an added attraction for people that have common interest to communicate with each other. I also found games that I think would be added entertainment on my website.       One thing to keep in mind is that downloading all my pictures will be slow so I must decide weather to have more images with slow time or fewer images with faster time. Then I would manipulate my pictures in Photoshop and use the pages as my website scrapbook.            I would like to create on my website short videos of the family taken at special events.  One item I did for another class was a PowerPoint project of Neurofibromatosis and I would like to somehow include it on the website. A link page would also be a good addition for allowing visitors to link to health or other information.