My grandma

I received in the mail a picture of my grandma, who is still alive at some say 95 others 97 years old.  I love the picture and I know she made a copy for me because of that.
My grandmother was an orphan, she lost both of her parents at 5 years old, she went and work as a maid from that age until she married at 16.  The photo is the earliest picture we have of her.   She is standing with a black dress, her long thick black hair nicely done, wearing a black dress, a handbag, and high heels, she is from spaniard decent so she actually looks like a young Margarita Carmen Cansino.  I  have never seen her in high heels, but as a child that wasn't the best part of it.  She was wearing make up!   Red lipstick and all!  I always tease her about it.  She says is the only time she wore it, that the man who took the picture told her she wouldn't do it unless she put lipstick on.  And there she is, looking beautiful, and so young.
I will give my right arm to see her that young, even in the photo she looks like a tough cookie.  I don't know how she did it, but she managed to raise 7 kids during the depression, while eventually loosing her hearing and married to an alcoholic.    She is the kindest, proudest, strongest person I know.