My friend Mac

My weekend started out very nice.  I went up to close up our camp (me and my sister's) it was gorgeous, beautiful blue skies the leaves were all red yellow orange and green the salmon river was full of fisherman catching tons of salmon.  I was all by myself which I sometimes want but then when I am actually there alone I wish I had someone to share all of the beauty with.  I came home Saturday night.  Sunday afternoon Steve, my Mom, the kids and I went pumpkin picking, again the weather couldn't have been better.  Blue skies and about 75 out.  We got a load of pumpkins we went to the farthest corner of the farm (it felt like miles ) Steve just kept going and going.  I guess we all needed the walk any way Steve my Mom and I have all gained weight and are trying to lose it.  Steve had to push the full wheelbarrel full of pumpkins all the way back (he worked up quite a sweat).  Back at the farm we all got some apple cider to drink.Back home a couple of hours later I receive a call from a lady with a new jersey accent and as soon as she said her name I knew it was not good news.  She was the daughter of Charles McCafferty the man I have been driving around for the past three years.  I asked is everything okay with your dad and she said I have some very sad news, my dad passed away last night.  I wasn't surprised because someone called me the night before and said they heard on the scanner that an ambulance was going to his house with an 86 year old man unconscious.  Mac (as he called himself)  had fainted a few times recently so I thought maybe that is what happened again.  I knew his daughter was visiting so I figured everything would be okay.    The good news to me is he got to stay in his home.  He had been worrying lately that he would be institutionalized (as he put it).  I have heard of people dying peacefully but I wasn't sure if that ever really happened,  as I have seen three people die and none of them were peaceful.  Mac however, fell asleep (or so his daughter thought) on the way home from dinner.  Probably a three minute drive from the club to his house when they got home she couldn't wake him.  Knowing that he was with his family enjoying himself and that he didn't suffer makes this very sad time a little easier for me.  I am going to miss you Mac!!!