My Fibromyalgia Journey: Day 5

Confusion, fibro fog, or whatever you wish to call it. I am so lost. I am trying to keep a daily log but each time I try to go in and do it I get confused. I have no idea what day I am on, what time it is or anything else. 
For today I am really sore. I think I have been and continue to over do it. 
Flu like symptoms including some new ones. Sore throat is a bit odd not to mention the feeling like there is a popcorn kernel stuck in the back of my throat every time I swallow. 
Well for now I am laying here with my kitties and taking it easy. Had planned on a cooking (what I call) a big dinner. Stuffed cabbage and mashed potatoes....Eh, don't feel like it now. To much work. 
Take care everyone and thanks for reading.



I\'ve read every journal entry of yours so far. It\'s Really interesting and I can relate to it. I never kept a journal myself when I started with all my crap with RA and fibro years ago. I\'m sure now it would have made an interesting read.
I think it may have been helpful. But i had young kids and was busy and didn\'t think to do it.
You are describing fibro to a \"t\" all the symptoms you talk of I have and I\'m sure all in the fibro group too. I know there are common symptoms that majority share then there are those wacky symptoms that not everyone may get.
I still have fibro fog but My fibro fog improved when I cut back on gluten. Well actually I went gluten free totally for several months and now I\'m around 75%. But it may help.
Everyone is different but some respond to going gluten free some don\'t.
To me it\'s worth the try.

I get like that when it comes to cooking and preparing food. I have plans to make something nice and when the time comes I\'m just too tired.
I wish you did not have this fibro but you do and I know you are doing all you can to deal and manage it. It\'s good you have physicians helping you too.
I hope you have a good week. A better week.

I know the fog feeling. I call it a hang over. Those other things you listed like the popcorn sounds scary. God be with you on your Journey.