my father

Well I had a rude awakening this morning! Literally! My father was mowing the lawn! At bloody 7:50 in the morning! I mean come on, I'm tring to have a sleep in here! Afterall I don't have to get up for course anymore!So my younger sister Joanna whose a light sleeper opened her bedroom window and yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"But since he was wearing headphones he didn't hear. But seriously I so did not need that! Especially when i went out to the lounge, and he was like: "I didn't wake you up did I Ruth?"And I reply "yes." outright.And then he replies well I'm not on holiday like some people. And them thinking what? I just started my holiday today! It's not like I've been on holiday forever!Anyway that was the most annoying part of my day!For most of the day I've actually been doing the final to the christmas presents.