My Endometriosis Battle

 I honestly believe I had been suffering from it for years before I ever got diagnosed, I had to go on birth control early due to my periods being so painful and the amount of blood I would loose not to mention the fact that I would bleed for months. After a miscarriage and then a very rough pregnancy to which I was put on bed rest at 28 weeks, my son still came 5 1/2 weeks early, after that things were normal. Then it got to the point I would not have a period for months I went to the doctor and he checked my thyroid, my levels were off, again it went back to normal other than the pain. After about two years things went bad again it was non stop pain, to the point I was constantly crying, it would hurt to have sex, and if I had a period it was just horrible, finally my doctor decided to do a laporoscopy to see what was going on. I was covered with endometriosis, he got it all out and told me if I wanted to have a baby now was the time, so we tried, and tried, and tried.....things were normal with me but I could not get pregnant, I was so down everyone around me was getting pregnant and I just couldn't. Then about 7 months later my period started to go crazy again and then the pain started to come back and this time it was in full force, I tried so many different pills and hormones and everything else that was recommended to me, nothing worked. It got to the point I was eating lortabs just so I could somewhat function without writhing in pain. After two years of dealing with the most horrible pain I have ever had in my life, intense periods, and a thousand negative pregnancy tests I gave up, I asked for a hysterectomy. I had a total hysterectomy in 2007 I was only 25. Needless to say I went into a very deep depression and it did not help that everyone around me got pregnant right after I had it, the only thing that helped me was for once I was totaly pain free, plus no period, and I was told it was gone.This past January when I went in for my annual I told my doctor that I was hurting again and that sex was becomming painful.....he said that there was pretty much no way it could be back not after having a total hysterectomy, he went ahead a punt me on progesterone and said that if by chance it was back that it would help, but if it did not he wanted me to see a urologist cause he thought it was my bladder. Ater several weeks the progesterone began to work I noticed I was feeling better.  Then about a month or two ago the cramping began again and began to hurt with other things too.Three weeks ago I got sick was throwing up did that for two weeks and then I got the most horrible pain in my lower right abdomen ended up in the ER and two days later had my appendix removed, I just went back to the surgeon Wed. for my follow up and he told me they had found 4 possibly 5 endo. lesions on my appendix, I was crushed, now I know its back and I am terrified the thought of that pain again, for it to take over again. Now I have to have a colonoscopy the first of the year to see if it has effected my bowels or intestines and I am freaking out. It's bad enough I had to have a hysterectomy that I am still not over, now I am going to have to deal with it all over again.