My dyfunctional life

My husband told about a 21 yr old from his work who died the other day because his heart gave out.   Why does a 21 yr old die and I have to stay in this miserable existance?   I would of gladly gave whatever time I had left to the 21 yr old and left if I could.
My son nags me constantly.  My husband is a grouch.  My biological family was terrible.  My mom drank herself to death.  My father worked all the time.  My 1st husband was a lazy moocher.  He sponged off me and others.  He treated me terribly.  I can't seem to get away from dyfunctional families.
I can't get any rest because there's always noise and disruptions around me.  People are always asking me to do things for them.  Not much is done for  me.
Right now I just want to be left alone.