My Drug Journey

I've tried several drugs and haven't documented any of it so I figured it's time to start.
On February 8th I started taking Namenda.  My doctor gave me a trial pack which was designed to slowly bring my dosage up from 5mg a day to 20 mg a day.  The doc said I could jump up to 20mg whenever I wanted so by the 12th I was at 20mg.  The doctor told me this would be a long term trial and may take a few months before I noticed any positive affects.  I was actually opposed to starting Namenda because of all the bad press it got but he was insistent.  I figured why not.
While on this Namenda experiment I am also taking 1500mg of Trileptal and 100mg of Pristiq. I've been on the Trileptal for several months and I feel it has been effective in reducing the pitch of my Tinnitus.  Over time it's effect have faded and I upped the dose from 900mg to 1500 about 4 weeks ago.  That was again effective but about two weeks ago things slowy started to get worse and I assumed my body was once again adjusting to the dosage.  The Pristiq is my 3rd anti-depressant that I've tried since getting T.  I'm considering dropping down to 50mg as the side effects are surpassing the benefits.  Lexapro and Nortriptyline were the other 2 ADs I tried.  Lexapro did nothing for me while Nortriptyline seemed to reduce the volume of T at least for a little while.  Pristiq seems to be the first AD to actually improve my mood.
In the last week it seems my T has moved to the middle of my head. My T has always been worse in my left ear but now there are times when I can't tell if it's coming from any ear at all.  It just sits in the middle of my head.  This is neither good or bad.  It's just different.
In the last 3 weeks my T seems to have gotten worse at night.  My nights and morning used to be pretty good and the T never really bother me while I slept.  I now sleep with speaker pillows and music playing.  It has been a big help.
On February 20th I had a rather good T day.  Surprisingly that good T day has now extended all the way to today which is the 25th.  By good T day I mean a day that my T would mostly rates under a 6 on a 10 point tinnitus pain scale.  This could just be one of the many random tinnitus events that seem to happen but I hope it's a good sign.



Great report! I think it is a good sign!! It just might be the that Namenda agrees with Super Liver (or vice-versa).

The Gaba/Klono mix pretty much keeps the sound in the middle of my head, too, so I know just what you mean. I actually like it better there than in my ears. And it\'s less teakettle-y there, too, usually--more buzzy.

Thanks for the great update! : )

Hi Bob. I have tinnitus in my right ear too. I empathize. I use headphones and listen to music/radio each night with which to fall asleep.