My Decision is Made-4/28/2008

My decision is made.I want out of my relationship.I cannot take this pain anymore and I am about jumping out of my skin.Soon it will be 4 years that I have lost Frank and noone seems to care about this pain.I have got pain in my heart morning,noon and night and I am getting night sweats.I wake up my entire bed is wet and I have to apply cold water on my forehead.And I have really,really tried and this thing of being nice is the pits.Listen,I have worked since I was 16 and that was back in the 1960s,but this notion that you have to be nice to everyone that you meet is just stupid.Some people that I have are downright stupid and some are nasty..but some of them you wonder how they think and how their decisions will affect you.I have seen some nice people just get kicked in the can.You just do not know who is your friend in the work force these days and the person who occupies the cubby hole next to you maybe plotting to kill you or take your identity.Do not tell me that this hasnt happened.How many stories that you read today of a co-worker who comes in and shoots you because they did not get the raise or promotion? The work force now is changed and some is not for the better.But a local bank is being sued in seattle and it is a waste of time.The person who is suing them is crying discrimation over a job.Excuse me! Since when does an employer have to pay for maternity leave? I am sorry this wasnt done in the 1950s and 1960s.After you had the baby,you left.We cannot always be bowing to these people who cry that their rights are being denied.And this is why so many companies here when they get sued,will they dummy up.Seattle is slow on jobs now and if fact,Safeway just got rid of 1,500 managers! In fact,the managers that they got rid ,did not even know.They did not get no warning.So lets stop with some of these crybabies and get real.Lets start working and keep it that.