My Decision

I decided to day to leave Brad as soon as the lease is over.I cannot take him anymore and he is just nasty since he quit drinking.When he was drinking I knew what to expect...but all of this is just plain nonsense.I would rather play with my cats and they have got more sense then him.I am also broke again and as usual,he wont give me any money.I am going to pawn something today and will get some money.The bills of this house are just so great and soon I will have to get a part time job.I do not feel like a person.I feel like a maid.I am always cleaning the house,buying the groceries,feeding the cats and doing the laundry.He does nothing.And I would rather be by myself.So if anyone tells you that they do not want to be alone,please show them this.A woman who has got no husband has got more money to pursue her interests.And she also has got the time and the time to do what she likes.I havent played cards in who knows when and I want some time for myself.Who needs marriage? But I have got a question-Who needs men?