My day in the horrible stupid twilight zone

Today I went to get a new cable box (mine blew off-did not tought that could happended).  I got lost in the process, it took me almost all day,  on the way home it  was rainning, frustrated and uspet at myself I refused to buy a new umbrella, I have like 5 at home, so I got all wet.
Got home check my messages, and altought I tought it was strange my boyfriend hadnt call me , I tought he was just busy or something so I gave him time.   By the time I checked again and try to call him, my phone wasn't making any phone calls!  I had to use my landline so ATT could fix it for me. No it wasn't disconnected, I don't know exactly what was wrong with it.  At which time I got all 9 messages from my friends, three of them from my boyfriend, who worried about me has come to see what was wrong and got a flat tire in the way, so he end up having to tow his car.  So now I don't even know if he want to see me anymore!
I really like this guy a lot.  I hope I did not lost him over this! 
I know people go trough worst days, and that a little rain won't kill me (am not made of cardboard).  But it is the possibility of loosing a very important person in my life, what really makes me sad.
Is it that bad?  Or am I overeacting?  Or is he?
I don't know anymore



I can not imagine you losing your boyfriend over something like this. AT&T has terrible service that is well documented. Addtionally if he would leave someone over an issue like this then I think it speaks loudly to his instability more than anything else. As for your day, it sounds as if you had a lot of frustration all day long. It happens. Your commentary to me has shown a positive outlook. I bet after a good nights sleep things will be better in the morning. Best of luck to you !

Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have.
Dale Carnegie

Thank you Brett, Thank you asadheart!
You were both right! I did had a good night sleep, and the twilight zone day is behind me. My bf is ok, I think we were both having a bad day, he couldn\'t get to me, I couldn\'t get to him that kind of thing. But is behind us now; in retrospect the day was kind so ridiculos it could be funny.
Anyways thank you again, my friends

Take care,