My brain is not my friend

In my brain I want to dieIn my heart I want to flyIn my brain my life is hellIn my  heart I want to live life wellTake care of my body and soulLove my family and grow oldI know I can beat my brainClean the darkness like a stainIts a flaw in my mindA flaw I can leave behindThe Drs push their drugs on meSome hurt me worse I hope soon one sets me freeBut if not I will always fightFight the demons with all my mightI can do amazing things Write poems and songs for people to singLive and love and have such funMy life has barely just begun I will make it till old and greyI will chase the pain awayEven if it takes me yearsI love the earth I want to be here I love my friends and familyI refuse to cut and refuse to bleedRefuse to give up and promise to bestrong as any human can be I will have kids have a wifeLive a long and normal lifeIt may take all that I haveBut I will give it best I canI will find a reason to go onI will be strong for  the sake of being strong