My Brain hurts!

Good grief! Although I'm doing pretty well with the comprehension of all this, I should as heck would not have like medical school! Doing research on the cauterization thing, so much "mumbo-jumbo", then trying to call the insurance company to see if they'd cover something I don't even know what is called...that was interesting! And low and behold a) she understood what I was asking and b) called the office to see how they'd code it found out the name and c) they would! WOW, one of the most successful call I've made to Ins Co in a long while.  Although it doesn't make the decision any easier. Talking with Bob last night, he's on the cauterization side I'm not the Lap side. God love him, he just really hates the idea of his wife being cut open and wants to avoid that and the pain and recovery I'd go through. Me I’m worried about the potential anatomy complications with cauterization, so feel like the more conservative approach is the Lap. I think maybe I’ll post a little something just to get some additional feed back.