my boy

well after today i am going to have many more grey hairs and wrinkles cause my youngest boy got his lincese,lol how does a parent not worry about them when their are driving all my themselves.the little bugger has been home late (ten minutes) but enough to make me think the worse,so does anyone have any ideas how not to worry so much,i know he is a good kid but also he is no angel he has never been in any trouble with the police but can be like any teenager going on 50 well it looks like mum going to have somr sleepless nights and at least have something else to worry about the my stupid stump



Kids even when they are 22 & 23 and have kids of there own you still worry about them. All you can do is hope that they listen to when growning up and stay smart about what they are doing, and you taught them well, its our right as parents to worry about them