My Appt.

  Went to my doctor's yesterday to see if everything was ok to go through my kidney surgery on the May 1. He dicided to have xrays taken to see if everything has stayed the same since the last surgery in Sept. plus he checked for any infections so I won't have to go through what I did the last time. I thought that appt. would make me feel better about going through this all over again but instead it has just made my nerves worse. I asked him if I could be put out when the tube is taken out of my kidney and he said the radiologist said they can't do that. Is all they do is numb the area. It is suppose to be sixty and beautiful on Monday so my husband is going to take me to Canada for the day. I truly wish things were different between my daughter and myself. I wish she would realize what kind of mother I have been to her and to think of me sometime instead of my sister. I just wish things were different. It's hard enough to go through major surgery but going family problems is alittle more then I can take right now. I just pray to God everynight that everything will work out.



Hello Maureen,
Sorry things didn\'t go as planned at the doctor\'s office. Sometimes doctors may a call on what they know is best for us. We are sort of at their mercy. But I trust after your last experience, all are wiser and it should go like it is suppose to. My faith still lies within God\'s love and wisdom. Regarding family matters, they say God never gives us more than we can handle. I know that you are awfully close. (smile). Major life events have a way of bringing the best out of people, as well as, bring them together. I trust that the outcomes of both matters of the heart will be favorable.
A trip to Canada could be just what the doctor ordered. A day trip away from things gives you a chance to clear your mind and relax. Have a great time. You are so fortunate to live so close to the border. Take care.