My Anger is Towards Him

This will be my second entry because I am very angry now.And the one of the reasons is because some of these women who are returning to the work force ( to me) are not too bright and some of them do not know when to mind their own business.She is trying to be everybodys mother and I do not see why.Why is this unknow personĀ  trying to smoother everyone?And The boss is just as bad--he belongs in Smallville where Superman grew up.He is just so unbelievalbe and I will tell you why.Brad is a recovering alcohol who has been clean and sober for 5 years.He Just stopped drinking and it was been pleasant..but this weekend was an exception.Brad and him came home and the both of them were wasted.I mean wasted and what has bothered me these people that he knows do not believe that there is an alcoholic.They told Brad that one drink would not kill him--well I want to thank you! Just who do you think you are! And you my dear do me a favor go back home being a mom and take care of your kids! Who are these people who come out of nowhere and try to infilitrate other peoples lives? Just who are these people? Now if I wanted advice--I wouldnt go to you.And I will tell you why-You do not have the education and experience to help me.And Number two-my dear women-it is none of your business!I would write a letter to dear abby! so for all of our sake-mind your business!