on What to Consider Before Releasing Music:Web 2.0

Once your music is published, there are no take-backs, it’s considered an official release, and so MusicPromoToday suggests to consider the following things before selling your music online:

Sound quality: Listen to your new release on multiple stereos (car, computer, TV). Make sure there are no surprises.

Mastering: Get your song mastered for optimum audio quality.

Source files: You’ll want to upload a high quality lossless version of your audio in Wav or FLAC format. MP3s are compressed audio files, and are therefore not optimum source files. Learn more about uploading audio.

Meta data: Write down all your song names and songwriter info before you submit your album or single. You’ll need that info when you sign up.

Cover songs: If you’re distributing a song you did not write, you’ll need to acquire the appropriate license(s)

Product-type: Are you pressing CDs or doing a digital-only release? Selling CDs online or at events and shows means more money in your pocket.

Album release: Do you have a target date in mind? We recommend submitting your album a month before your release date to ensure you get your album selling in as many places as possible prior to its release.

Promoting: You've got to generate a lot of music promotion to let the world know that your album is out there. You will need to make some decision about whether you're going to do that on your own or with the help of someone. You can hire various music PR companies or handle things yourself. That decision comes down to your budget and what you think you can realistically achieve. If you are promoting your album yourself, decide in advance what your promotion targets are. Your job will be most manageable if you focus on a region plus any markets where you'll be playing shows.

Distribution: Fortunately, in these modern times, there's no particular need for you to manufacture hard copies of your album and start courting distributors to place it in record stores. Tunecore, CD Baby, and other sites can do online music distribution with ease. However, you need a plan for distribution, even if you do it digitally.