music and creativity for different aspects of your life.

during this part of my life i have been listening to so much music and actually, writing my own poetry. ill post some soon. 
but really, soo much music. to name a few. 
the summer set, the starting line, my summer obsession, NOFX, forever the sickest kids, cute is what we aim for, death cab for cutie, the cab, breathe carolina, simple plan, green day, bowling for soup, boys like girls, blink 182, good charlotte, the friday night boys, all time low, fall out boy, all american rejects, and this list could go on forever. no joke, if you need recommendations, and you like this type of music or one of the bands i just mentioned, feel free to ask. 
i mentioned i have been writing poetry. this came as such a shock to me. i had never thought of myself as artistic or creative in anyway and then i just started writing, and it just flowed. 
ill post it in the next entry, it wont let me in this one. 



haha, you have inspiored me to make a list of my favorite bands and such. her it goes:

The Cure, bauhaus, cassie Steele, Superchick, Boys Like Girls, Fiona Apple, paramore, the beatles, Blink 182, A very small amount of Siouxsie and the Banshess, a little of the Sisters of Mercy, nine inch Nails.. Music is so nice. i love it very mucho grande!!!!

ill check them out ! (: