Much better now

My friends, my friends, thank you for being so reassuring.  The morning after I read all that stuff on the Internet, I was so worried that my neck and shoulders hurt.  Talk about tension! I had scared James too, but he had a different reaction than to lie down and freeze in terror.  He looked up SUA in some national health research database and found the 13,000 medical journal articles on it.  Then he narrowed it down to the chromosomal problems associated with that disorder, and found that our chances of getting that had trippled: from 1 in 6,000 to 1 in 2,000.   And that is when I realized I was being ridiculous. When we went into that last ultrasound, thinking they were going to tell us the sexes, we were so wrapped up in whether we'd get to have a boy or a girl, that I think we needed a slap on the face.  All of us here know how little the sex matters, when we finally, FINALLY, get to have a precious baby... or TWO!  What the hell were we so concerned about?  Carrying on James's family surname?  Please. We love our babies, and we will love them no matter what, and we just hope they pop out with only as many problems as we can handle.  They've already got their parents lined up, which means they'll be creative little dorky nerds who hate group sports.  We'll take whatever handicaps, in addition to those, in stride. Thank you for being such a supportive support group!  I could never, never have maintained my sanity this long without you. Soojin, we're waiting for your good news bundle, so hurry it on up.