Moving On..or at least try to

I've realized and i should of before that its not healthy for me to keep getting upset over something that is not going to change. My friend who i have known a long time is leaving me out, and barely talks to me these days. I cant even remember  the last time she called me to say whats up?  I'm tired of getting my feelings hurt. So in the mean time, i'm going to work really hard on my book, and spend more time with my sister.I have to take my mind off of it. I'm the kind of friend who stops what shes doing to go take care of my friends. Well i cant do that anymore until i get the same in return which has been lacking quite a bit lately. While i'm not focusing on that drama, i'm focusing on my book and its driving me insain, i'm trying to decide how many chapters and wonder if anyone will read it.