Moving forward

 Well on Monday found out that cannot get in any quicker to see endo unfortunately however just had a call to say theres a letter on its way for me to attend as a day case patient for some testing prior to consultation so pleased about that as i'm being taken seriously. I wonder if the igf result made his ears prick or something. Managed to start back at work well one day done at least on long days rest of week so will just play it by ear, and go with the flow. Felt thick and in the deep end on mon but soon eased back in, i'm not as thick as i feel just info retrieval speed not what it was lol, could be coz i've been sat on my ass for 2 months. Have kept my mind off things by researching info on a super rare disease which my neighbour has just been diagnosed with called Dercums disease. Now that is proving a challenge as not much current literature around and most prominent researcher is in USA. I've offered to attend consultations with her so that I can help her get answers and not be fobbed off by physicians who can't admit a deficit in their knowledge despite a 120 yr historical reference to this disease and variants. She has little medical knowledge so would be a likely  candidate to recieve such behaviour, however there are specialists out there who can help her they may just not realise it yet. Of course she has been invited as a specimen to a local hospital so they can all have a poke and prod........mmm sounds familiar!! Will have to pop over to the DD branch of DS to see what I can find for her there x thanks for reading, Moley.