Moving Forward

Things are moving along quite smoothly.  An email blast with a link to my Gathering website was sent out to people on the midwest NF mailing list.  Some of you may have even recieved that email.  If you plan on attending time is running short if you plan on staying at a hotel in Sandusky. Prices will be higher if you book too close to your arrival date. I'm really excited about this opportunity.  Three people have said they are coming with their families so far.  I was hoping for at least one person, so I have exceeded my goal.  I'm sure there are some who will come without confirming. There will also be those who will show up and not say anything, just to see what is going on.  I would like for everyone to meet up, at least for a few minutes and say hi and let everyone know you came. There are just 39 days left. Seems like a long time but it will arrive sooner than you think.