Man, I got a lot done today! I am impressed! Everything is vacuumed, the non-carpeted areas are all shiny, waxed. Every dirty dish has been washed, all the laundry is done and mostly put away, I took the stove apart and cleaned it, same with the microwave. Everything in the kitchen is put away,every bed made, every plant watered. Man, I'm afraid to move, I might get something dirty. I know that you could have done it in half the time and I know the job's not up to your exacting standards but I did the best I could. Most of the stove mess was yours btw.
There are two cats standing guard duty in the kitchen, I see a dead mouse in my future. I think I just heard a pounce. {Break}  Maybe, but it was unsuccessful, I went out there and there were two cats with their noses stuck under the stove. Underfoot is on dinner break now and Indaway is doing sentry duty. All the cleaning activity must've flushed the mouse.
I slept 10 hours last night, non-stop. A little rum brings out my inner bear. I remember when we used to be able to actually drink, more than one I mean. Ahh the good old days. I took out one of my lined flannel shirts today to wear, I thought of you, how you used to wear them as house coats to keep you warm in the winter. Made me a little sad, I was sad to have my own shirts back. You don't know how hard it was to get going again today after lunch. The furniture was all moved out of the kitchen, the floor was dry, and the stove was all apart. I was so tempted to just leave it that way and go take a nap. (Inner Bear)
I'm writing something and there's a line I love;
"The crackling fire is dreary and cold"
I just can't get that line out of my head. It's contradictory all by itself I guess.
Till tomorrow, Your Ken
Addenda; Those are not our cats real names, those are our joke names for them. I am not a drinker anymore, since 10/13/08 I've had one beer and three drinks including last night's egg nog. Inner Bear is a long story about going to sleep.



Kudos to you for accomplishing so much. I find that if I just keep going... I have kept going so much my long time (8 years) housekeeper fired me. Guess that will save me money; but I miss the company. How sad is that?
Anyway, if you ever run out of floors to sweep or stoves to clean feel free to head just a bit south on Route 22.... my floors are always in need of sweeping and my stove, when it doesn\'t have something simmering on it could use a wipe down.
ps. my son caught three mice in October in my bread cupboard. So far, so good, no more signs of meeces.

I am so impressed with all that you got done. It seems your inner bear when he get rolling can really steam roll it. I had my grief group over for Xmas brunch just to force myself to clean and decorate a litle this year. Given a purpose I can usually get a job done. The six cats bring in mice for me and let them go to play with later, I think I may have to close the cat door for the winter, I am getting tired of chasing critters with a fish net to try to catch them before they perish and smell up the joint. Hope you dodge the snow today. Hugs and stay warm....Jane