Mother VS Daughter.. A race to sanity..

My mother and I have not spoken to each other in over a month. We live in a very small house so we happen to pass each other very often throughout the day. It's frustrating and truly hurts me. We were never really close. Little conversations here and there but I have never felt comfortable opening up to my parents. The only time we "bond" is over alcohol which it took me long enough to realize is NOT a healthy relationship. 
This all started when I quit smoking/drinking. She knew that I quit cold turkey and I was having a hard time yet never said anything to lift my spirits. She quit smoking a long ago but picks it up whenever she drinks. She was the first person I was around post quitting. She didn't try to stay away or acknowledge that it might bother me. She laughed and said I needed to get used to it. Weeks later we ended up going to a Renaissance Faire where she continued to throw alcohol in my face. She kept offering me drinks and was practically shoving it in my face. I was a wreck the whole day but REFUSED to cave just because she wanted a "friend" to get shitfaced with. Maybe it was the fact that I was finally sober with her and I didn't like what I saw. Who am I kidding? She's ALWAYS like this when she is drunk..
It bothered me for a while but I got over it because I realized everything is going to look and feel different now that I am sober. I forgave her without words and moved on.
A couple weeks later she just became more irritable with me. It's like EVERYTHING I do is a problem. She is the kind of person that will bitch at you for every little thing just because she has nothing better to do. I usually bite my tongue and go back to my room to avoid an argument over something so petty and silly.
I broke a couple days after that. I have a 10 year old sister who is my world. One day she came into my room to get my dog because my mother wanted to cut his nails. (She waited until she saw me bring him to my room to have her come and get him btw) As my sister brought him out my room she turned to tell me something. I told her to be careful and she didn't listen and kept walking backwards. She bumped into my table and the dog went to jump out of her arms. Instead of grabbing him she froze and he fell on my table. On my table were many of my hand sculptures and jewelry holders. He fell right on top of the table and a couple of them broke. I started screaming. I didn't curse or insult her. I yelled out because the dog fell and I told her to pay attention. She ran off in the bathroom and I quickly realized I blew up! (FYI I NEVER blow up. I have amazing patience and I rarely raise my voice. I figured it was because of the massive withdrawal I was having after quitting had something to do with it.)
After she slammed the door to the bathroom my mother came barging in and saw the dog limping away. She asked in a nasty tone what had happened. I replied in a very calm but serious tone "She dropped..the dog..on the table.." She shot me the NASTIEST look like I was disgusting and said "You really shouldn't have kids. You don't know how to talk to them!" and something along the lines of me not being a good mother. I don't remember exactly what happened after that. I broke out in to a RAGE. I remember screaming and telling her that she is the one who should have never had kids because she doesn't know how to be a mother. I had a panic attack, somehow ended up running out of the house in fear of attacking her.
No one truly understood why I am so upset over what she said. I was diagnosed with PCOS only 6-7 months ago. I was devastated when I found out but she just shrugged it off like everyone else because it wasn't a "big deal". It's a big deal to me!! I have NEVER had any passion in anything besides writing and having children. I have wanted to settle down and have a family for SO long although I know I am still young. I know I will be an amazing mother. It's what I feel like I was born to do. To hear that you won't be able to have kids naturally? That broke me in half. Thankfully I stumbled across this site and got wonderful information that my small brain doctor failed to mention. Before that I was a nervous wreck. I was depressed and never thought my life would get better? It broke my heart. To top it off to hear your own mother attack you over something that hurts you like no other? I couldn't believe my ears! I feel so hurt over this. I tried to reach out to my father but he didn't care. He pushed it aside and said I was being dramatic.
Am I being dramatic? Do I have a right to be upset and angry? I mean, this neglect and mental/emotional abuse has been going on forever. Why would you take something so terrible and throw it in my face? Why is it that some parents can be so cruel? How can you hurt your own flesh and blood? 
They have never truly supported me in anything I have done. My dad has been nonexistent since he moved out. My mom will only bond with me when she has alcohol in her system. I am used to this. I can accept this and move on. But the verbal abuse? What have I done in my life to deserve this? I have lost so much in the past year. Now I feel like a stranger in my own home..
How much more of this can I truly take?!...