Mother\'s Day... what a dilemma!!!

This is supposed to be the happiest day of the Hallmark year for mom's, right?  Well, this is my second Mother's Day as a single mommy of a five-year-old going on 16, 18 or adulthood at any given time. I feel weird and awkward and feel sometimes like I have either a D (Divorce) or S (single mom) branded on my forehead depending on the situation or the mood.  People look at me differently and sometimes say things oddly, I guess.  Maybe it's just me.... This past weekend I went to a Women's Luncheon at my friend's church.  Well it happened to be the same church I went through for the DivorceCare support group meetup/classes.  One of the children's facilitators was telling someone else that she knew me becasue my daughter was in the DivorceCare for Kids program.  Like, is it any of her business to be talking about that to strangers????  Am I now branded among people of different circles as the divorced single mother????? My friend's friend/neighbor was doing the same thing!!!!  "Oh, yeah, I know her.... she is my neighbor's longtime friend and she was in the DivorceCare classes here".  Damn!  And all this going on at a CHURCH?????  Bizarre! So, if you are looking for me on the streets, I'll be the one with the big DS on my forehead... Hey, "DS" -- Daily Strength????  That's not so bad, huh????