Mother's Day at the arboretum

     On Mother's Day, the weather couldn't quite make up its mind. My daughter had asked what I wanted to do on my special day (son had to work), and I thought of the arboretum. On the way there, though, I wondered if I'd made a mistake as drizzle hit the windshield of hubby's car.
     By the time we arrived at the parking lot, the drizzle had stopped. It turned out to be a perfect (and relaxing) day. The clouds kept the temperatures cool, but the sun peeked out often so it was never too cold. I even had to take off my sweatshirt a couple of times!  We actually spent most of our time just sitting by one of the lakes, feeding the fish and turtles -- the ducks weren't hungry.
     (And to make up for his absence, son got me an ice cream cake for that evening's dessert, so all was right with the world!)
     I guess must've been into shapes that day. When I reviewed my arboretum photos this morning, I didn't see many flower shots. But I did several lots of shots of interesting forms.



Interesting shapes and textures. Glad you had a nice day. hugs, doug