More wonderful news

Went for my annual exam yesterday.  Wow, I thought to myself it would be nice to find a neurologist who is as good as my OB/GYN.  That woman listens and tells you what she is doing and what she thinks might be going on.  I listed all the new medical problems I have been having. She asked me some questions about them.  Said she wished she could help me with all of it.  She did give me a referral to a urologist as she thinks I may have Interstitial Cystitis.  Looked that up and it is not uncommon with MS and a whole host of other autoimmune diseases.
Will call the urologist.  I guess that is why I have never felt like I have a UTI when they diagnose them.  The IC is often misdianosed as UTI.  It would certainly explain the extreme amount of blood in my urine when I go thru those things.
Ahhh,  so wonderful to have yet another doc on the list of docs to visit!