More trouble -- blech!

Well, crap!  Went to see my PCP.  He didn't like the looks of the blister, did a culture and decided the nurse needs to come back every other day to change the dressing.  The blister keeps draining lots o' gunk, but thankfully no infection.  The weird thing is is that now my stump seems to be 3 times bigger than it was.  I bet I couldn't get the shrinker on if I tried.  And my stump even feels heavier.  Also, my spinal x-rays came back and I have arthritis in most of my lumbar region.  I only mention this because arthritis just goes so well with degenerative disc disease.  I'm in a lot of pain and pretty depressed about this blister and the fact that I can't wear my leg.  I wonder if I will ever be able to wear it.  Whoa!   Somebody call the whaaambulance.  LOL



Hi sweetie. I am sorry to hear about your blister and inability to wear your leg. It surprised me when I heard that you wore it for 4 hours straight out of the box. My prossie guys and my PT lady are both telling me that I can wear mine for an hour, then take it off for two, then wear it for an hour again, take it off for two hours, etc. as I build up tolerance to wearing it. They do that so I don\'t get just what happened to you-- a big blister or bruising, etc. Perhaps when you are healed up, you should try going that route?
I do hope that the dressing changes and such help it to heal faster. Sounds a bit nasty. Don\'t push it! I know you are anxious to get up and running again, but you don\'t want to do permanent damage to your stump, right?
Hugs to you xx