More of the Same Old Crap

Isa's father is considering moving back out of state.  He's frustrated with his job, lack of personal relationships, blah blah blah.  No matter where he moves, this guy will never be happy.  He dropped out of college twice but wants all the benefits of being a successful graphic designer in New York.  How likely is that to happen?  Plus he does nothing to get his drinking under control.  He's been charged with felonious voyeurism and needs to take court-approved classes in stalking and something else (I forget).  Maybe he thinks it would be easier to just live in NY and do the classes and probation there.  The problem is: he has no job up there and nowhere to live unless he intrudes on friends. My daughter made noises that she wanted to come by and visit Isa this afternoon.  A half hour later, when my husband, Isa and I got home from shopping, I called my daughter to tell her she could come over.  Her response: "I got invited to *** State Park.  I thought you and Isa could come along."  I told her Isa was napping, tired from running around (truth) and that she should go ahead and enjoy the park.  Ten minutes later she wrote on facebook that she was going kayaking at the Park (in other words, Isa wouldn't have been able to visit with her anyway) and then planned to go out this evening for drinks with "a cute guy."  So much for wanting to see her daughter. It's always the same thing: if she has nothing better to do, then being a mom is her priority.  Anything and anybody else comes first.