more needed?

Am I really doing enough to change? I am not sure. I want to believe I am, but don't know at the moment. I have nothing to hide, have told no lies to my wife about anything, and at the moment, things are good. We are happy. But we are normally happy until I screw things up. I know that is the moment my wife is waiting for. The betrayal. The discovery that I have hidden something, however big or small. My behaviour in the past is hard to get past, i know it would be. To be honest, i'm amazed she still talks to me, let alone staying married to me. Perhaps this time, my lesson has been learnt. I don't want to lose her, so is down to me to ensure that I don't. All that there is to it. I have to make sure that I don't screw up. I believe at the moment that i won't. I have been more honest with her than ever, even to the point of saying that there is one of her close work friends that I find very difficult to talk to because he is obviously in love with her. She has never understood why i don't get on with the bloke, but I think now she gets it. Would not have been something I would have said before.