More medication needed,there's a surprise!

Good morning journal,the time is now 9:07am,I have been awake for around an hour or so after a night of somewhat broken sleep.Yesterday was a very pleasant experience for both my wife and myself,it was spent quietly after I ran some errands in the morning,I say ran,but in my case I sort of shuffled and it took most of the early afternoon to finish what would take a healthy young fellow no time at all,but at my age,what the hell's the point in rushing?,even if I could. I received a call from the formidable sister Reilly on Monday evening,she informed me that my blood sugar count was still high,around 11.05,it should be below 7.0,I apologized for my body's failure to cooperate with the medical professions expectations of it,and asked what,if anything,could be done to alleviate the current breakdown of my inner mechanics.Always one for a humorous quip,sister Reilly didn't let me down,"another magic pill",said she,"that will do the trick";I sighed heavily,I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had a kitchen drawer full of "little magic pills",and thus far,they had neither performed any magic,nor did I expect them to after all this time,but she was on a roll and who was I to spoil her day?. So,having picked up my new prescription for a drug called metformin,I begin taking it this morning with breakfast,it has to be taken with food,I take one a day for a week then I start taking two a day,one in the morning and one with my evening meal,let's hope we have enough food to cover 56 tablets which the box currently contains,if we don't,can you successfully lie to a pill?,(hey,we're trying to stay upbeat and lighthearted here!). Then,just as I thought I had escaped relatively lightly,sister Reilly informed me that I would need to have more blood tests in six weeks,just to make sure the metformin was doing what it was supposed to do,what,it didn't know?,doesn't sound all that magic to me but what do I know?."Now,let me tell you about the possible side effects",she continued,side effects?,"yes,side effects",she said apparently reading my mind,I told you she was good,"you may experience heartburn,a little indigestion and some nausea,but it will pass,not everyone gets it so you may get lucky". Lucky?,me?,yep,I'm the original lucky gambler,every day is a gamble in one way or another so that doesn't bother me at all,but I am still trying to work out why so many of the pills and potions that are doled out to those unfortunate enough to be ill,produce symptoms that the actual illness they are supposed to cure doesn't have in the first place.There is an upside to all of this in a way,I take so many tablets in the course of a day now,that if you grabbed hold of my legs and gave me a shake,I would sound like a set of maracas,so perhaps my career in the entertainment industry isn't finished after all?. Back to the blood tests then,she gave me a choice of going to the surgery and seeing sister Sharp,yes!,Lucretia Borgia herself,or I could go to the pathology lab at the hospital;"hospital please",I replied,rather too quickly and with an undisguised note of desperation in my voice,and I'm sure sister Reilly sensed the palpable tone of relief and gratitude in my voice when she agreed.Since my first,and hopefully only,meeting with the peroxide assassin that is sister Sharp,I think the doctors who employ her are missing out on a much easier working day for themselves,if they made sister Sharp the first point of contact for everyone,I suspect that at least three quarters of their patients would choose to self medicate their illnesses,thus giving their practitioners much more time to play golf,or whatever it is they choose to do with their free time,with the other quarter of their patient list either too gaga to care,or beyond any hope of recovery and who actually welcome sister Sharp's grim reaper smile as a sign that their suffering will soon be at at end and they will be going home very soon.Anyway journal,I have a couple of errands to do today so I will depart for now,perhaps a little more of my novel?,why not.....
He was on his third mouthful of stew,Orla was right,he still couldn't guess whether it was mutton or rabbit,but it was hot,and the slab of bread was tasty enough,as long as it was soaked in gravy. His ale was already half empty,and he signalled for another,Orla nodded in recognition of his request. He sat deep in thought,it was a bad business this,and he toyed with the gold ring on the third finger of his right hand distractedly. It had been pulsating steadily two days since,ever since he had lost the seal,damn careless that,he reproached himself,now the four of them would have to reunite and try to find it. He gazed at the huge red ruby set in the centre of the ring,nobody else could see it glow,feel it throb with life except him,he knew that,he didn't know why,but he knew that it was so. It only glowed when there was imminent danger,when the four of them had to be together,the others would be aware of it too and would already be heading towards him,their own rings pulsing to warn them they were needed. He sighed deeply,it was all his fault,he was the gatekeeper,guardian of the seal,and he had let them down. He went over it again in his mind,he had been in the tavern in his home village,a moment of slackness on a rare night out when he had let his guard down. He had a somewhat hazy recollection of checking the leather pouch that contained the seal,and was always strapped to his belt,somebody must have spied the seal and noticed the glint of the ruby,onyx,amethyst and moonstone jewels set in the wax tablet surrounding the huge diamond in the centre. After that,he remembered very little, until he woke up with a blinding headache a few hours later to find the pouch empty and the seal gone. He remembered a couple of rough looking tinker elixir merchants,one potion cures all ails type of shit, standing him pots of ale,he guessed that one of the elixirs had been a sleeping draught,careless Jeremiah;very careless. “Another?,” asked Orla,breaking his train of thought,”why not?,”he smiled at her,time enough to dwell on the trouble ahead he figured,while his companions in arms made their way to him,guided by the rings that bound them all with invisible bonds. “Penny for your thoughts Jeremiah?,”she asked,the big man smiled grimly,”a penny is far too much lass,for right now,they're worth nothing at all,nothing but trouble and dark times ahead,”.She frowned slightly,but returned to the bar,where Toolan had been keeping a possessive eye in their direction,to fetch him another pot of ale. The tinkers had left his village before dawn the next day,their horse and wagon had been spotted by old Joshua Tring,the knife sharpener,rattling south on the dirt track out of the village. At least it gave him a direction to head in if nothing else,Jeremiah thought disconsolately ,it was a start,not much of a start,but a start nonetheless. He looked up as Orla placed a fresh pot of ale on his table,”what's the name of this place Orla?,”he asked quietly,she smiled,”the fighting cock,Toolan used to be a bare knuckle bruiser,it's how we managed to set up here,with his winnings,”.”No,”replied Jeremiah,”what do they call this village?,””oh, Hallowvale,a weary place of rest for travellers such as you Jeremiah Dark.” “Speaking of travellers,”said Jeremiah,”you wouldn't happen to have seen a couple of tinkers,mean looking beggars,passing through here in the past day or so?.” Orla snorted in disgust,”oh yes,I remember those two,wandering hands they had,till Toolan cracked their heads together and booted them out,””how long ago?,”he asked,Orla thought for a moment,”be yesterday afternoon,late on as I remember,”. She turned to the bar,where Toolan stood staring malevolently towards them,”Toolan,get your stubborn Irish arse over here,”the big man made his way slowly over,and stood over the table where Jeremiah sat.”Jeremiah Dark,”said Jeremiah,extending his hand,the big Irishman ignored it and continued to stare at him,not saying a word,Orla punched him on the shoulder,”don't be so bloody ignorant,”she scolded angrily,”'tis only information the man is after;them two tinkers you threw out yesterday;which way did they go?.” “What business is it of yours?,”said Toolan,”they stole something from me,”replied Jeremiah calmly,”something very valuable,and I want it back,”the big Irishman paused before answering,”last I saw,they was heading out of the village as fast as that flea bitten nag could take them,there's only one track in and out,should be easy for a smart man like you.””Thank you Toolan,”said Jeremiah good naturedly,”only my friends call me by my name stranger,you aren't one,”the big Irishman wandered back to the bar,leaving Jeremiah in no doubt that,as far as Toolan O'Shea was concerned,he was fast outstaying his welcome.
There you go journal,until next time,peace,and shelter from the sister Sharps of this world,go with us.



Scott, I was so sorry to hear your blood sugar is out of control, but I\'ve heard that Metformin is a very good medication for high blood sugar. I hope it work for you with little to no side effects.

I love your sense of humor, and I love reading parts of your novel! You\'re such a wonderful writer! Much love to you and your wife!