More Islands

As we go up the avenue, carols are coming from another home.  "Snow" covers the lawn while a group of wooden carolers stand next to an old fashion street lamp near the center.  On the left, a man dressed in a dark brown top hat, medium brown waistcoat, tan scarf, medium brown pants, and black shoes, shares sheet music with a little girl dressed in a tan overcoat.  A light blue dress peeks at the bottom of the coat along with white stockings, while a blue wide brimmed hat is being held on her head by a pink scarf tied under her chin.  Next to her is a little boy, a little taller than her, dressed in a dark green jacket, a brown leather cap,that looks like an old painter's cap, black pants tucked into brown shoes, shares music with a woman dressed in a pink overcoat, heavy white stockings, and a brown bonnet.  A boy on a sled is coming down a hill to the left of the carolers, his muffler flapping behind him.  To the right of the carolers, a little boy and girl are putting the finishing touches on the face of a snowman.  The little boy is putting a lump of coal on the face for an eye, while the little girl has a carrot for the nose.
The next home is all multi-colored lights, outlining the house, doorway, and front windows.  A decorated, lighted tree can be seen through a large picture window,,the glow of a fireplace the only other light in the room.
Santa is driving a stagecoach at the next house.  Eight tiny reindeer are pulling it.  A large bag of toys is behind Santa and two elves are looking out the coach windows.  Cactuses , decorated with Christmas tree lights and ornaments are growing here and there.
One home is different than all the rest.  No electric lights or wooden figures here.  The home sits on a raised, corner lot, the house about eight feet above street level.  Tracing from the sides of the full front porch and down the walk to the side walk are lines of small, brown paper grocery bags with lighted candles inside.  They are about two feet apart with one line going down the steps, then to the left to the lawn line, turning  the corner, to go halfway up the street.  The other line goes down the steps, then follows the lawn line to right to the property line.  The soft glow from the candles accent a brightly lighted Christmas tree seen through a filmy drape in the window on the left.  A small single lighted candle in a window brings a soft glow to the darkened area on the right.  The lady who owns the house, my mom's closet friend, discovered the decoration when she lived in El Paso.
Mini wonderlands, variances on the same themes, dot the lawns all the way up the avenue, like little islands of light.  They seem to have appeared overnight after Thanksgiving, and on any given night of the season of magic, thirty or forty cars, most filled with kids, will go slowly from one island to the next, sometimes stopping to get a better look.