More inner thoughts

It is 9:04am,and I have been awake since approximately 2:30am.I have become used to these nocturnal risings and they seldom trouble me now.The disadvantages of the solitude of these times,is that I have the opportunity to think.I have discovered that my head can be a pleasurable place to visit,but if I linger too long in my mind,it can be a deeply depressing experience.As I sit reclining in my chair,I am drawn to the image of my three dogs,sprawling contentedly on the rug by my feet.and I am incredibly envious of their blissful obliviousness of their surroundings,and my presence amongst them.They doze happily,their only concern being is there food in the bowls and water in the dishes;how I long for the simplicity that life once held for me as a child long ago.When we become a man,we must put away childish things,isn't that what the Good Book says?,and yet I wonder at the thinking and logic of an omnipotent,Almighty God;who,as far as I am led to believe,does not manufacture defective goods such as the human race,but yet allows war,death,plagues and the suffering of His most loved creation,man himself.Surely,when the suffering of a man becomes too great,a loving,merciful God would intercede and end his pain and grant him eternal peace and rest.How then are so many desperate individuals compelled to end what they perceive to be the unbearable agony of an existence they no longer wish to be a part of anymore,answer me that Log,I will return in a time,whilst I cogitate on why I am here.