More Bad Weather Headed Our Way

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 1:10 PM   A blast of cold arctic air is headed our way. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow, along with three inches of snow, and freezing temperatures. Overnight temperatures are going to range between 6 to 12°.   Primarily due to this, I am not looking forward to keeping my appointments on Wednesday and Thursday. I have been considering rescheduling the appointments, but have not made a firm decision on this.   I should really see Dr. Martin tomorrow afternoon and continue talking about my abuse since we seem to have gotten off to a good start last week. Putting it off another week would just make it that much harder to begin talking about it again.   The appointment I have Thursday is with my primary care physician. Since I am no longer seeing a psychiatrist at the mental health clinic, I now need my physician to prescribe some medicines for me. It will be easier doing this in person, rather than trying to explain it to him over the telephone.   He also needs to re-examine my skin breakdowns. That may determine whether there is a need for my home healthcare nurse to continue seeing me three times a week in order to change dressings.   Since there was also some type of snafu at his office last month, which resulted in my not getting physical therapy as both of us had planned on my doing, I want to talk to him about scheduling it for January instead of during the Christmas season. I just have an idea that most of the therapists will be taking days off left and right during the holidays. I want to get my physical therapy started during a period when my therapist can focus her attention on me.