The idea is to have a "BEFORE I die" ceremony/ party similar to a funeral but something that the person plans, picks out arrangements, they handle the details of how they are gonna "go out."
Wouldn't it be awesome to hear what people thought about you when they stand up to speak about you?
 How much they loved you.
 How much they are gonna miss you.
 What fun they had with you.
 Say exactly what they wanted to say to you - right then- before you are gone for good.
Possible guilty feelings because of some stupid argument and their last words to you were mean and nasty.
Be there to laugh with them at the dumbest thing you ever did.

** Could it be possible that we do things backwards regarding death. It makes  sense that people need to mourn and have "closure" (whatever that means exactly) but a typical funeral is basically for those that are alive and not for the one that should hear it the most.
 Who wouldn't LOVE to go up and say to a person... "I had no idea that you felt that way about me... THANKS!"
To me, sitting with the soon to be dead, telling them absolutely everything you need and want to say, for as long as it takes, until you are DONE, is the best opportunity to bring peace and healing.
Send out your own invitations (lighthearted or serious) after all it's *your day*!
 "Lets party before I croak."
 "I'm going tits up... lets get together!"
Eat what we want ~drink what we want~ Say what we want~ Do what we want~ Hugs and kisses if people want~
Eat Red Velvet cake.