Money vs.Life

Dear Journal,
   Well i have worked here for 15 yrs,and i can honestly say I am totally disgusted with my bosses and office worker who happens to be  one of the bosses daughters.
The wife of said co worker who passed away monday came to pick up his paycheck and Life Ins check.....Now you would think mind you that the owner/boss would bring her to his office sit her down and maybe oh i dont know show compassion and extend his condolences maybe............NO HE DIDN'T.
They made her wait in the showroom for an addtnl 1/2 hr for checks.....HELLO you should have done them tuesday.
I go in the office to find what is taking so long,and the daughter says oh really she is here she has been calling all week...Gee YA THINK!!! I honestly felt like strangling her.
I dont understand......when did the almighty dollar come before a human life???
Thoroughly disgusted and totally angry.