money money stress

money money money, life suck, no job no money, gosh dats a big stress, i have been made redundent in fab 2009 as since then hunting for one and its very hard and stressfull. wish somone just call me and give job my dreams yuk many things i have too do and nothing seems goind right, i have to be on the top of everything and clear all my problems but things seems dead quite. how long i have to put up with this all, i need job, money to sort my life out, to move out to a better place. home suck, no good moving to another city if no jobs are there too.  yuk yuk yuk yuyk yuk so sad dat i can cry my eyes out but its not good, i have to walk and carry on walking in this dark as i know there is light end of this tunnel, but how long i have been dreaming for this day to come. come on plz i need a job to move on in life in things which needs sorting out so much pain any depression inside me???