monday update

i had such a great weekend! yesterday was my bday and the whole weekend my sweetie was super sweet to me (blushing). he took me where ever i wanted, took me out to a nice restaurant Sat night ...yummy..., took me shoppin for a new bikini (sadly the stores didn't have my size for the upper portion), and he took me to a beach of my choosing. the rest of Sunday, i sat back on my ass and chilled out with him. it was so awesome! but since the stores didn't have my size, he promised to take me out shoppin again this comin weekend to a different mall so i can find a nice new bikini, and of course it will be his bday gift to me. now this is a real treat to me since usually when we go to the mall or shoppin anywhere, it's because he wants to go, and i just get dragged along. this time, i'm shoppin and he can just tag along to pay! he he he! what a sweet heart, huh? gotta love him!  also...the house sale is set to close about one week from now Tuesday. YIPPEY!! i'm gonna be a house owner! i'm gonna be a house owner! ooohhh...i'm so excited! so whose all comin to the house warming party?? better put on your party swim suit (not shoes) lol! in other is at the docs right now. she had to make an emergency appt for her leg cuz it swelled up again lastnight. she thinks it may be another blood clot. i told her to pace her self for this move cuz of her blood clot history, but i guess she over did it again. she tends to get too excited and then do too much, cuz she has anxiety that it won't get done in time. i kept tellin her to chill out and take her time, we got till the end of Oct to finish moving. but because of her anxiety she can get a little stubborn. so pray for her fast recovery and pray that she calms down. if you want to send her a hug or message she is here on DS and goes by purpledots. you can look her up in my friends listing.  well that's about it and i so apreciate everyone here. you guys are so awesome!! blessings to you all!