Monday-May 19th,2008

It is Monday Mayn 19th,2008 and I realize now that my beloved brother Frank is dead and this pain simply wont go away.I feel so alone and living with him aint no prize.But I am planning an escape out of here and I am doing it soon.I have fallen out of love and I do not believe that there is just one person out there for you.It just does not work and it is just a Barbara Courtland fantasy.I do not want to be taken care of.I like to work and making my own money and when I do this again,I wont share it.Frank was just a great person and Brad just stinks.Marriage is better for the man anyway.He is the one that benefits.While I am sorry guys,I aint your mother and i do not want your children.Having children is no reason to get married and it is the woman who is the primary caregiver of the child.Children do not help a woman.It is a fact here in seattle if you do not have children well in the business world or anywhere you will make more money.And If i were an employer here,I would not hire anyone who has small children.I have seen some of their work and some of it is not good.If I were suppose to send someone to give a you think that I would pick a woman who is married with small children? Absolutely not.First of all,these woman have it all wrong.You do not get married out of high school.You get an education and after that you live on your own.After you do this,you start paying the money back and you have to pay the money back.But if you are married with small simply cannot pay all of this money back because you do not have the time or the money because it goes to the small children.The people with small children in seattle take them everywhere.They are in Starbucks,the art museum and the supermarkets and some take them to the taverns.This is all but dangerous behaviour.It shows me and other people here that these people do not have the help that they claim.I am sorry but it is the business world ladies and they have to be home.It is not necessary to bring them everywhere and this shows how the men really think here and abroad.They still think it is a womans goal to have children,but to me it never was.So if you have children,grandchildren,any kind of children kindly stay away from me.I do not want to get involved with anyone is living through his children in an attempt to recreate his youth.