Monday has dawned again

Well here it is monday afternoon. I talked to my lawyer today and he feels good about the child custody stuff.  The house and land well we are just going to have to try and see during mediation.
I got a call last night on my phone while i was in church.  Sh talked with my daugher for a bit and asked me to please call her tonight so they can talk.  She will be driving today and tomorrow to get to tx from pa.  she has to see her lawyer wed and then for her visitation this weekend.  Just all the dreams about her and all this emotional rollercoaster ride has made me so raw.  I just want to hear what she has to say this weekend. I guess after she called her lawyer and asked about the phone calls to her daughter (about me not allowing them everyday but limiting her to twice a week) he must have said its my call.
I hope she wakes up everyday of her life dreaming of what she missed and left behind.



I understand your pain and your feelings of frustration and disgust. But please, my friend, don\'t spend any more time wishing \"regret\" on her. My guess is, it simply won\'t happen -- not for a very long time, anyway. So just keep the focus on YOU and your daughter, ok?