Mom to Be... Very Soon!

Very soon, I will be a Chicken Mom!  I admit, I'm getting very nervous!  Ok, I am going to be proactive and go to Ag Land on Monday to buy my initial supplies:  brooding container, feeder, waterer, pine shavings for bedding... and whatever else they think I need (and they can sell me.  I'm playing "poor farmer", but in this area, everyone is financially strapped so it's nothing new.  I'm going to try to put it out of my mind for this evening though I must say, I've read that New Moon chicks do much better than chicks born at any other time... My intuition told me that, but now I've read it in a book, Sleeping with a Sunflower by Louise Riotte, so it must be so!  Anyway, I want to be ready when the babies are picked up.  An article told me to make sure the temperature was 95 degrees in the brooding container along with other important things.  I'm just a nervous expectant Mom, what can I say?