Mixed Emotions

Thank you all for the encouragement in my healing.  I hope you all are doing well too.  I am slowly making progress one day at a time.  At least once or twice a week I go with no lights on inside my apartment at night to test my fear of the dark.  Well, I have not had much problem ever since the first night I begun it.  Every now and then I will have a night light on, it just depends.  I think I am about ready to test my bounds by seeing if I can sleep in my own room, but I can't seem to get myself in there because it brings back memories from the rape because his room is directly above mine.  See what I mean???  Any thoughts on getting myself to sleep in my own bed?  I did break down and cry a little today because what he did to me almost 7 months ago hurt me a lot.  I hate the guy, but do long for him to see Jesus.  I have a gut feeling, but not sure on it, that he may be going back to church due to what he has been doing on Saturday's.  I hope so.  I sure am praying, or at least trying to. I officially do graduate from Manhattan Christian College this July.  I am so excited!!!!  I have enrolled in my last set of classes, and am striving hard to pay them off before the semester begins. Oh, I get to go to a Leadership Simulcast this Friday at my church, and I get to use it for work as CEU's.  I am so excited, and the speakers are renowned and phenomenal.  I am glad to build upon what I have learned from MCC to attend this event. Have a great week!