Mixbook Wedding Invites – Affordable, Convenient And Diy!

For the longest time, it has been assumed that the best wedding invites require you to get hold of that one slippery graphic designer and spend half your wedding budget on them to get a decent wedding invite. It does not have to be that way. Not when Mixbook wedding invites enable you to do all the designing yourself, and save tons of money while at it. You get to pick the color, the font’s, the layout - pretty much everything, and on top of it all, you get to include a photo of you and your partner in the wedding invite. It can never get better than that!


DIY wedding invites

A lot of people cringe at the prospect of DIY anything, and that's okay because not all of us are that handy. However, Mixbook wedding invites are not the kind of DIY that will have you buying paper and glue. All you need to do is visit our website and pick a ready template for your card, and customize it to suit your tastes. There are plenty of templates, all of them unique in their way and convey different emotions. You want a minimalist wedding invite? You will find a template for that. Do you need a fun one? A cheeky one? A colorful one? A gilded one? There's something for everyone.

Match your personality/theme to your invite

The DIY part comes in choosing the template and adding bits of your personality (color, accents, fonts, layout) so the invite represents the both of you. Only you know the kind of wedding you want to have, and no designer can truly capture the essence of what you have in mind. Is it a garden wedding? You can make a card with garden accents and choose from the many nature templates we have. Same goes for formal weddings, beach weddings, rustic themed, classic or Church weddings. You can choose fonts that best communicate the message of your invite and colors to go with it because different fonts carry different meanings. Effects such as lace, gold, silver are also available for you

Add a wonderful picture of both of you

A wedding invite with a picture of the couple brings the wedding to a whole other level. With Mixbook wedding invites, you can add a picture of the two of you that will allow the world a glimpse into your wonderful love, before the actual celebration during your wedding. Apart from the words in the invite, pictures speak a thousand words of your love story. Pick one of your favorite pictures and up things a bit!

Easy Editing

If you can use your smartphone, then you will be able to edit the wedding invite templates with so much ease. There is so much happening when planning a wedding, and the last thing you need is the stress of learning how to use online design tools. With Mixbook, you do not need any prior experience in design to make your dream wedding invite. The instructions are very clear with many pictorials to accompany them. If you are still stuck, you can always call our customer service to help you bring your vision to life.

Dedicated customer service

Our customer service desk is made up of fun, creative personalities who you can call whenever you have any questions. Our creativity and knowledge plus your unique vision for your wedding invite will make for one exquisite card. Just visit our site today and start on your wedding invite!